Rossi was born and raised in Nashville, TN with a deep sense of justice. After getting a scholarship to Vermont Academy for high school, Rossi returned to his large extended family in Tennessee to build a life in Nashville, which meant literally building a number of homes, serving his community, and following his calling as an artist. After continuing to witness citizens of District 19 lose agency due to a (gerrymandered) TN Senate, Rossi decided to run in hopes of continuing his predecessor’s fight for the future of Nashvillians, both native and recent.  

Rossi has dedicated his life…He has a degree in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Health Education. He has also been trained in mediation from the Nashville Conflict Resolution Center and provided mediation at Judge Birch Court House. 

In the community, Rossi has fought for social and economic justice as an organizer and advocate. He fought for divestment from apartheid South Africa at University of Tennessee.

Outside of politics, Rossi is an avid sports fan, Star Trek junkie, and traveler. He has been to every continent except Australia and Antarctica, and loves to write about his adventures as the international correspondent for the Tennessee Tribune. Additionally, he works as a choreographer, dancer, and is the owner/operator of his own company.